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Caines Consulting Group (CCG), is a minority-woman owned small business that has been providing consulting services to commercial clients & the federal government since 2018.

Our key capabilities include: Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Data Analysis, Business Process Improvement, Conference Planning, Marketing, Communication Planning, as well as Organizational Development.

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Individualized attention, deliver end results within expected time frames agreed upon, a team with over 30 years of experience in both public and private sector. Very high customer satisfaction and retention rate. Solid business growth over the past decade. We can't wait to work with you.

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Our wide range of business consulting services are backed by industry knowledge and expertise. See the difference by working with us.

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    Strategic Planning

    Provide advice and guidance concerning the overall strategic direction, planning, structuring and control of an organization.

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    Financial Management

    Budgeting; capital investment; responsibility accounting; financial information and reporting; and other accounting and controllership management functions. Full budget life cycle support from formulation, to funds control, to execution and closeout.

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    Equal employment opportunity advisment

    Strategic Diversity and Inclusion as well as EEO Compliance Organizational and environmental scan to conclude with an improvement plan

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    Organizational Development

    Staff training and development; career development; succession planning; performance management; and employee assessments.

Explore our Portfolio

Our solutions for business growth have helped clients go from uncertain to confident. No matter what challenge is standing in your way, we'll overcome it together. Check out some of the work we've done for clients.

  • Defining Customers
    Defining Customers Reach potential customers through a solid business and marketing plan.

    We worked with a start up to determine their target market. We were able to guide the client as they were just starting out and struggling to determine the overall landscape of their products reach. After working with them we wrote a business plan which diversified their brand, going after a much different buyer than before. With our analysis and their innovative product, this was a successful transition.

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    Importance of Financial Data We guided a customer through their financial data.

    When our client asked us what to do with all their data, we had the perfect answer: Let us look at it. Once we did, we immediately noticed some outliers in their operations that were costing them time and money. We were then able to show the customer and recommend key changes.

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    Operational efficiencies project Digging further into data revealed the real efficiency problems.

    Operational efficiencies aren't always so obvious. After many years of looking at data and making changes, a client came to us with specific areas that were challenging. We were able to go deeper and find the underlying problems, which allowed them to clean up these areas for a more efficient workflow.

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    Communication and Outreach We helped a client put together a solid commication and outreach plan.

    In this project, we led a business process improvement plan and implemented a communication plan. During the pre-rollout phases of this project we developed key messaging, branding, and marketing materials. We prepped the organization for this change and what to expect of the change!

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